Introducing the Essences of Divine Light

We are delighted to introduce our line of divinely-inspired essences, developed specially for those who want accelerated spiritual development.

Would you like to:

  • Experience more peace of mind?
  • Live life with more trust and faith?
  • Gain easier access to a sense of well-being?
  • Create a more Empowered Future?

How the Essences of Divine Light™ assist transformation

Essences of Divine Light - Heaven on EarthYou may wonder how something so etheric can create transformation for you in a world of momentous upheaval and change.

The very same Light Frequencies that are pushing the evolution of consciousness on the planet, causing the sense of overwhelm and anxiety that people are experiencing, can also be used to stimulate your magnetic fields to attract more peace and well-being.

What makes Light a Healing Tool?

You are being offered new avenues of support in the midst of change. Light fields carry both Infinite Love and a Divine Intelligence that knows exactly what is needed to bring harmony. A state of harmony is the balance of equilibrium sought by Nature, and it is the state of being that your inner spirit is seeking.

Light fields become a force of living energy that can be used to shift the core of your being, allowing you to become more adept at creating what you need in your life.

Not only do we have magnetic fields around our physical body, we also have these fields around every cell within us — right down to our DNA. The energetic frequencies of these magnetic fields respond to our thoughts and to these enhanced vibrations present in the living energy fields that make up empowered qualities of consciousness.

What do I do with a Living Energy Field?

Spiritual principles representing the highest virtues in which we can live have been repeated by masters of all traditions over the centuries. Now, as the energy frequencies of Light are accelerating on the Earth, these very spiritual qualities are becoming powerful Living Energy Fields. And you too can bring these attributes of Divine Consciousness into your magnetic fields to help absorb and radiate these very qualities into your personal life, which will then attract more of the same frequencies of well-being through the Law of Attraction.

You can invite more of these Spiritual Principles into your life through prayer, through intention and by using a physical substance that contains those very qualities.

Each of the Essences of Divine Light™ carry the qualities of consciousness most people desire in their lives, such as Inner Peace, Abundance, or an Empowered Future. The Essences will activate your magnetic field with the spiritual principle they represent, bringing you into more harmony with the changes on the Earth that all beings are experiencing.

We all need to know that we are safe, are being guided and that there is a Divine Order to all that we see around us. The Essences of Divine Light™ have proven to be a powerful tool for staying in balance during the most challenging time of change the world has ever known. Using a few drops of the Essences of Divine Light™ every day, you can empower your life to be in harmony with your Soul Purpose and live with more Grace, Ease and Harmony in every area of your life.

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